Parker Rochford gets free from a tackler as he ran for a first down during Edgewood-Colesburg’s 28-23 loss to MFL MarMac in Monona Oct. 18.

After helping lead the Edgewood-Colesburg football team to a district runner-up finish and state playoff berth, Parker Rochford was named the Defensive MVP of Class A, District 5. Ed-Co’s Rochford, Jake Jones, Keegan Hansel and Spencer Staner, along with Maquoketa Valley’s Trent Koopman, AJ Ambundo, Michael Feldmann, Parker Sternhagen and Andrew Kloser all earned spots on the first team. MV’s Derek Becker, Carter Stahlberg, Carter Kruse, Zach Digman and Owen Mensen, along with Ed-Co’s Jordan Wegmann, Ethan Staner and Cameron Kirby were second-team honorees. Riley Ashline and Cameron Knipper, of Ed-Co, and Timmy Harmon and Andrew Holtz, of MV, were honorable mention. The complete team follows.

Most Valuable Player Awards: offense — Eli Johnson, MFL MarMac; defense —Rochford, Ed-Co.

Coach of the Year: Dan Anderson, MFL MarMac.

First team offense: quarterback — Cedric Drahn, MFL MarMac; running backs — Cutter Anderson, MFL MarMac, and Hansel, Ed-Co; wide receivers — Staner, Ed-Co, Koopman and Ambundo, MV; line — Eli Johnson, MFL MarMac, Brant Baltes, Trent Welch and Zach Squires, Lisbon, and Feldmann, MV; utility — Sternhagen, MV; kicker — Jackson Landt, MFL MarMac.

First team defense: line — Zach Howe and Spencer Larson, MFL MarMac, Noah Neofotist, Alburnett, Jones, Ed-Co, and Jamien Moore, Lisbon; linebackers — Cole Clark, Lisbon, Holden Sevening, Alburnett, JT Stocker, MFL MarMac, Bahls, Ed-Co, and Kloser, MV; backs — Rochford, Ed-Co, Ethan Stubbs and Cayden Ball, MFL MarMac; punter — Holden Sevening, Alburnett.

Second team offense: quarterback — Parker Gallagher, Alburnett; skill — Becker, MV, Tyler Moser, Alburnett, Will Bennett, Lisbon, Max Havlicek and Gabe McGeough, MFL MarMac; line — Stahlberg, MV, Jackson Landt, Carter Hertrampf and Jacob Trudo, MFL MarMac, and Brandon Thiese, Clayton Ridge; utility — Truman Krob, Lisbon.

Second team defense: line — Wegman, Ed-Co, Kruse and Digman, MV, Shane Neighbor, Alburnett, and Tyson Scott, Lisbon; linebackers — Grant Soukup, Alburnett, Staner and Kirby, Ed-Co, Max Kohl, Lisnon, and Cullen McShane, MFL MarMac; back — Cody Kulper, Clayton Ridge, and Mensen, MV.

Honorable mention (by school): Alburnett — Hayden Baker and Noah Mackey; Clayton Ridge — Easton Harber and Nathan Helle; Ed-Co — Ashline and Knipper; Lisbon — Braxton Kurtenbach and Gage McCoy; MV — Harmon and Holtz; MFL MarMac — Karter Decker and Tyler Wille.