Over the Labor Day weekend, our political signs were taken from our yard. Not from city property but from well within our yard. This, for me, seems, to be a commentary on our upcoming election.

I feel we no longer talk about policy. We are not discussing minimum wage, healthcare, equal rights, foreign policy, or saving the environment. There is no striving for “Liberty and justice for all" Instead, it appears, we have a group of people who feel what they need or want supersedes all else.

Things have gone beyond two parties not working together. We have become a nation that has lost its humanity, a nation of people who care more about being right" than on what "right" might be. Life is being dictated by people who want everything for some and nothing for those they deem unworthy.

We have no way of knowing if a change in leadership will make a difference. But right now we have outspoken leadership that promotes hate and injustice, and way too many who believe and follow them.

Stealing yard signs might be a rush and a feeling of accomplishment, but in reality, it was just a criminal act. It accomplished nothing. I’ll get more signs, I’ll probably work harder for the election and I’ll continue to help my friends and neighbors regardless of party affiliation. I will remember that I am no better than the least of us.