I’d like to make a few comments concerning the road construction on the east edge of town. What was supposed to be a three-week closure has now turned in to seven weeks.

There are about nine businesses adversely affected by this closure, mine being one of them. It’s not like we can just drive around the block to the next street. Customers do not like to drive three miles around on gravel roads, they take their business elsewhere.

Several complaints have been made to the city, to no avail. No attempt has been made to make a passage for at least one lane of traffic. Progress is good, but at what cost?

Between the parties involved, no one is accepting blame for this long extension of the road closure. I was told it was the weather. Really? I watch this work daily, and what I am seeing is very frustrating. Is no one held accountable for the effect they are having on the community out here? Nine businesses here that will have to struggle to recover.

To top it off, (and the reason for this letter) last week we had a medical emergency and I had to rush my husband to the ER. What should have been a five-minute zip through town was a 15-minute trip around on gravel roads, each bump and washboard excruciating to someone already in pain.

I am calling out the city of Manchester on this. Maybe the city isn’t doing the construction, but the city should have made the other entities involved be more accountable to the public. I love this community, but I expected better.