As a military man, I was pretty upset watching pro-Trump rioters ripping off the American Flag on the capital building, throwing it on the ground and replacing it with a Trump flag.

It enticed cheers and applause from the Trump rioters, also carrying American flags. They also used the flag poles to attack and injure policemen.

As a result of the riot one officer was killed. Also, I noticed a Marine and POW/MIA flag. My thoughts went to my father and his brothers. All of whom were Marines and active in the Korean War. My dad’s brother, Leo was KIA/MIA, and to this day is still MIA. What would they think?

I am my father’s son. He has taught me that duty, honor and country define patriotism and being an American. Democracy is fragile and must not give into Authoritarianism and fascism. These terrorists who looted the capital are not patriots to democracy, they’re only patriots to what they believe.