I confess I don’t think I know anyone who has ever owned a Louis Vuitton purse. From what I understand, they are a bit pricey, probably out of the discretionary income range of most of my friends.

While I’ve never seen the need to have a designer purse, I don’t get the motivation behind one of the latest Louis Vuitton purses. From their fall/winter collection comes a purse shaped like a commercial airplane. Priced at $39,000, it’s almost as much as my wife and I paid for our home back in 1985.

It has a fuselage and wings and looks like a commercial plane. There is a handle on top of the fuselage to hold while the owner carries around the purse. Offered in a few different sizes, it’s ironic that the largest size of the plane purse is too big to stow in the overhead compartment of a commercial airplane.

I’m not sure who would own such a purse. Perhaps someone who had a lot of toy planes growing up or someone who, as a child, jumped off the roof of the garage with a cape attached to them thinking they could fly.

While a child wearing a cape conjures up someone with a creative imagination, I don’t know what an expensive purse shaped like a plane says about the user.

The purse needs to be held out away from the body just a bit, otherwise one of the wings smashes up against the person carrying it. I doubt that is the look the folks at Louis Vuitton are going for.

A video of users of the purse shows a number of men carrying around the plane. If I were to use such an item, I’d have to call it a man bag instead of a purse.

It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve used a man bag.

When I coached baseball, I had a leather briefcase type of shoulder bag for important papers and checks or vouchers for umpires. I even kept some baseballs in it, along with the mud from the Delaware River in New Jersey I used to rub down the baseballs before a game. The shoulder bag was made by a baseball company and had a baseball logo on it. It looked like it made perfect sense for me to carry it when I had on my uniform.

I don’t envision anyone carrying around containers of mud from the Delaware River in the Louis Vuitton airplane purse and I have no idea what I could wear that would fit the style of carrying around a $39,000 purse. I suppose the obvious choice would be a pilot uniform. Perhaps I could dress business casual and come across like a travel agent.

I don’t think the plane purse is made for Northeast Iowa. It’s time to bag that bag and put it back in storage.

If I want to feel like I can fly, I’ll find a bedsheet to use as a cape and head to the garage roof.