Last year at this time the last thing I was thinking about was COVID-19 and the changes to our daily lives by a virus any of us knew very little about. While admitting that 2020 wasn’t the year I wanted, it was the year I got. It was a year that saw me clean up some stuff around my home, but also in my life.

• I moved from my office in Manchester to the library in our home. It’s gone pretty well. I’ve been able to do almost anything I could do at the office. But I admit that I miss walking around the towns in our coverage areas. I also miss my coworkers in Manchester. Eventually, I’ll get back to the office. I have a newfound appreciation for going to the office. Lately, I’ve been thinking of ways I can make my office a bit more aesthetically pleasing when I get back. I have a home purging day to thank for that.

• Spending more time at home allows one to de-clutter. I didn’t know I even wanted to do it, but there I was with Aggie one day, de-cluttering the house. Looking back, it seemed to me most of the things that were purged from Chez Putz were my things. I had to rid our home of a ceramic rooster pheasant and a smaller plastic mold of a yellow lab and some puppies. Know where they are now? Refer back to my plan to update the décor in my office. I’m not quite sure where exactly both things will go in my office, but I’m sure my coworkers will help me decide. I stopped in the office one day to drop the things off and they already had strong opinions as to what I should do with them. They are a helpful bunch, let me tell you.

• COVID-19 made us look at what’s important in our lives. Aggie and I kept our circle pretty small. After not seeing our kids or grandkids for a couple of months, we eased back into spending time with them, which proved to be a great elixir to help get through the year. We de-cluttered things like running from one appointment or social event to the next. That de-cluttering kind of gave us some time to catch our breath a bit and slow down. Here’s hoping when things get back to the way they used to be that we remember that.

So as we head into 2021, I ask you to remain vigilant. Wear a mask, practice social distancing, wash your hands and get the vaccine when it’s available for you. I’m looking forward to moving back to the office and having people stop in to say hello. I may even bring them back to the office to see what I did with the pheasant and the dogs.

That is if my coworkers have decided where they should go by then.