The West Delaware School Board held its monthly meeting Sept. 9 in the high school library’s media room.

Several district employees were present to give reports on the first couple weeks of school. A math instructor presented how the district is trying to teach and expand the use of Eureka in its math classes.

Currently, the program is starting at Lambert Elementary School. This is an effective math program, but it comes with some issues as well. The instructor said that some of the key obstacles with this program are that there is a lot of work to cover, and there need to be 60-minute blocks for the students to fully take it in.

A plan is set to have teachers who are currently using Eureka to come later this year and present to the board, and let them know what works and what doesn’t.

The board also discussed the percentage of their students that are currently active in one extra-curricular activity. They found that West Delaware High School is right around the average, but the WaMaC wants their schools to try and be above 90%.

Finally, a group presentation delivered a study conducted on block scheduling at the high school over the last year. The presentation focused on the effectiveness, how it affects the culture and climate, and how it affects college and career readiness. Among the presenters was Superintendent Dr. Kristen Rickey. The presenting group determined that ultimately the block scheduling was still effective across most of those topics.