A new master contract between the West Delaware Education Association (WDEA) and the West Delaware School District was approved at the West Delaware Community School District’s board meeting, May 11. This was a unanimous 4-0 vote with director Sam Milroy abstaining, due to his wife falling under the WDEA umbrella.

The master contract sets the parameters of the working conditions for the teachers and concerns things such as base wages, what the work year looks like, length of days, probation, leaves of absence and more.

“There are some changes to coaches and sponsors contracts as well,” Dr. Kristen Rickey, the district’s superintendent, said. “This is a five-year contract, but we also have language in there that allows us to open up and talk further about changes and language changes.”

First-year teachers will now receive a base salary of $31,725, along with a supplement of $4,707. The years of experience item was also changed.

The district has two agreements like this, one with the education association, and another with the staff within the district.

“This is a clear understanding of how both sides work together,” Rickey said. “All districts are covered by these master contracts.”

The salaries of the director of food and nutrition, Lambert’s principal, the high school’s principal, the director of school improvement, middle school principal, high school assistant principal/AD and the director of buildings, grounds and transportation, will increase 2.81%. The superintendent will see a 2% bump.

“We have a great working relationship with both agreements we have here at the district,” Rickey said.

Other salaries that will see change include:

• Bus drivers, van drivers and regular food service employees will receive a 45-cent-per-hour increase.

• The salary of the following positions are being increased by 2.81% or 45 cents per hour, whichever is higher: technology technician, accounts payable, payroll specialist, superintendent’s secretary, food service assistant supervisors, and bus drivers who have regular routes.

• Substitutes’ wage salary will go up 40 cents an hour. This includes custodians, van drivers, associate regular education, associate special education, secretary, print center and food service regular employees.

• Pay for the head mechanic and the head of district maintenance will increase by $1 an hour.

• Substitute teacher’s pay will go to $110 a day.