Votes in the West Delaware Community School District approved a Revenue Purpose Statement by an unofficial margin of 99-6, Sept. 8.

The statement allows West Delaware to use Secure an Advanced Vision for Education (SAVE) monies from the state’s one-cent sales tax as district officials deem necessary for the district.

According to Lynette Engel, director of finance for the district, the passage gives officials some flexibility for fund use.

“It allows us to pick what is best for the district,” she said, adding, “the legislature still puts parameters around what it can be spent on.”

Engel said the district uses the SAVE funds for infrastructure needs and debt payment if any exists.

“We use it for infrastructure, buying buses, technology needs like one-to-one computers, along with summer maintenance projects,” she said.

The Revenue Purpose Statement has no affect on property taxes in the district. “That was the main thing we wanted to push out to the district and the communities,” Engel explained. “We weren’t voting to have the one-cent sales tax. That was already set by the legislature. This truly had to do with extending our ability to use the funds as we see fit.”

With the legislature’s renewal of the one-cent sales tax, SAVE is now renewed through 2051.