The West Brook Apartment project is just one of several residential housing projects under construction.

No matter where one travels in Manchester this year, it’s a safe bet one will see plenty of housing being built, answering a demand from city and industry officials.

“We’ve been discussing housing needs and what we can do to get more housing in Manchester for four years and now we are starting to see it come to fruition,” said Tim Vick, city manager.

Developer Wes Schulte is adding another 16-plex apartment to West Brook Apartments at W. Marion St., south of his original unit built just a couple of years ago.

The city of Manchester supported the project with a 10-year tax abatement — 100% for the first five years and 70% for the next five.

“The abatement is just for multi-family units and helps to offset costs, get units filled and give the developer time to generate revenue,” Vick explained.

Vick said the apartments, which are expected to be finished this spring, help fill a need for temporary housing. “When we attract new people to town, perhaps they want a place to live for a while before they figure out exactly where they want to put down permanent roots.”

Vick said the apartments attract a variety of people — from workers recruited to town by industries, to someone looking to downsize and even those in an aging demographic looking to live somewhere where they don’t have to worry about lawn care or snow removal.

Schulte is also the developer of the Meadow Brook Trail subdivision east of the Good Neighbor Society. The development is a mix of multi-family, attached single-family and single-family homes. It will include three six-plex units, four single-family attached units and 25 single units.

Vick said the city is using Tax Incremental Funding (TIF) for support, with a 50% grant for infrastructure — water, sewer, storm sewer and streets — and a 50% forgivable loan.

Bailey Drive has two developments. Bailey Drive Estates, developed by Joe Hildebrand, consists of attached single-family duplexes. Owners belong to a homeowners association that maintains a common area of the estates.

City support consists of a 10-year, 80% rebate through TIF. “The area was considered a blight/slum area before development,” Vick explained. “This was a total redevelopment and is now a very attractive area. The units are priced right with no basement and zero entry. They are nice, attractive units. People enjoy living there. They have great amenities and are close to Main Street and downtown and have the walking/biking trail right out front.”

Farther to the south on Bailey Drive is Oakview Estates, developed by S and R Construction. Besides a commercial lot, the first phase has 14 lots for single-family attached units and 16 single-family homes. A second phase is planned, bringing the lot total to 50.

The city used TIF for support, with a 50% grant for infrastructure and a 50% forgivable loan.

A subdivision by Jerry Krogmann will run north of the current Krogmann division, with 14 lots for single-family homes. Again, the city is using a TIF grant for 50 % infrastructure and 50% loan forgiveness for support.

Vick said completion of all the development could take five years, adding at least 100 additional housing options to Manchester.

“There is a need for this,” he said. “Several years ago, we had four subdivisions in town, but now, they are getting filled up. One of our biggest challenges in the last five years has been finding housing for workers who are recruited by our industries. This will help.”

He said he’s excited to see housing options grow. “We’ve been working with people in town that are willing to take the risk and start a new development. We are excited about all these opportunities we have coming to us in 2022. It’s a huge benefit, a huge positive for us.”