Two arrested for ‘burnouts’ behind Delhi bar

Two Delaware County men have been arrested after authorities say they did a combined $3,800 in damages to the alleyway asphalt behind a Delhi bar and restaurant last month.

According to court documents, on Aug. 28 at approximately 6:20 p.m. Carter Jon Klostermann, 23, of Delhi, and Ty Andrew Domeyer, 20, of Delaware, both did a “burnout” with their vehicles in an alleyway behind a bar in Delhi, which were witnessed and photographed by several witnesses. Court documents do not specify the name of the bar or its exact location.

Documents state Klostermann used a black pickup truck, which caused $1,267 in damages while Domeyer engaged in two separated burnouts, using a pickup and a car, causing a combined $2,533 in damages.

Klostermann was arrested on a warrant for criminal mischief third-degree Sept. 3 and Domeyer was also arrested on a warrant for criminal mischief second-degree Sept. 10.