Delaware County Supervisors approved a resolution supporting the development of a zoning ordinance at their March 29 meeting and have retained the East Central Intergovernmental Association to assist county officials and staff in the ordinance.

The resolution states that the supervisors make the following findings:

• The Delaware County comprehensive plan lays out policy statements regarding land use and how and where public investments should be made.

• A zoning ordinance is a legally enforceable document with policies and standards that reflect the policies in the comprehensive plan.

• A zoning ordinance will serve as a regulatory tool to bring about orderly development of land and promote the health, safety and general welfare of the residents, farms and businesses of Delaware County in accordance with the County’s comprehensive plan.

• A transparent zoning ordinance development process that provides clear communication and opportunities for public input early and often is desired.

The resolution concludes saying “the Delaware County Board of Supervisors supports the development of a zoning ordinance and encourages the public to participate in the process.”

Supervisors reduced a 4 % recommended increase by the Delaware County Compensation Board for elected position to a 2.5% increase. The FY 2021-22 salaries will be:

• County Attorney ($103,315)

• County Sheriff ($89,294)

• County Supervisors ($39,180)

• County Auditor ($73,167)

• County Treasurer ($68,440)

• County Recorder ($68,444)

Supervisors considered bids for several project. Submitting bids for the 2021 bridge deck repairs on 195th Street were:

• Taylor Construction Inc., New Vienna ($206,925)

• Cramer and Associates, Inc., Grimes ($246,895)

• Wicks Construction, Inc., Decorah ((256,385)

• Boulder Contracting, LLC Grundy Center (263,454)

• PCI Roads, LLC, St. Michael, Minn. ($300,341.80)

• Jasper Construction Services, Inc., Newton ($330,614.70)

Submitting bids for the D42 and X49 PCC patching project were:

• Midwest Contractors Inc., Cedar Falls ($650,840.44)

• Cedar Falls Construction Inc., Cedar Falls ($778,322.94)

• Midwest Concrete, Peosta ($929,022.53)

• Eastern Iowa Excavating and Concrete, LLC, Cascade ($1,021,864.50)

• Iowa Civil Contracting, Victor ($1,114,072.47)

• Tschiggfrie Excavating, Dubuque ($1,264,359.56)

• Boulder Contracting, LLC, Grundy Center ($1,335,859.72)

One bid was received for the milling and HMA paving on 245th Street, 210th Avenue, 267th Street and Goosehill Road:

• River City Paving, Dubuque ($1,156,828.12)

County Engineer Anthony Bardgett recommended that bids for all three projects be set aside for one week for review.