Mayor Milt Kramer presents Ron and Janine Stellick the Nice Neighbor Award following a nomination from the Shives family. From left, Margo Shives, Scott Shives, Samuel Shives, Carolyn Shives, Janine, Ron and Kramer.

For the second time, a Manchester couple has recently been bestowed an award for their kindness.

Earlier this month, Mayor Milt Kramer said city staff received a letter from Scott and Carolyn Shives, who nominated their next-door neighbors Ron and Janine Stellick for the award.

“And the Stellicks must be pretty good neighbors because this is the second time they’ve received this award,” Kramer said.

The Shives family said Ron and Janine have vastly improved the quality of life for not only the neighborhood but for all citizens in Manchester.

The Shives said the Stellicks have also continually engaged with Samuel Shives, helping him to build self-confidence, self-sufficiency through conversation and by teaching him responsibly.

“The Stellicks are always friendly and are fantastic role models for our son,” the Shives wrote in their nomination. “Ron and Janine are truly outstanding neighbors.”