A local pub that’s undergone major renovations in the last few years said it’s not done with improvements just yet.

Ed Wulfekuhle, the proprietor at Riverbend Pub, said currently they are using a combination of wire spools and classic snow fence to section off the outdoor seating area, which he said not only looks pretty tacky but also makes it difficult to sit and enjoy one of Manchester’s prime people-watching locations.

Wulfekuhle said they were seeking a solution that would be both permanent and see-through and eventually they landed on cementing in heavy six-by-six posts that will match the existing deck and use four-foot-tall, high-tensile stainless steel wire.

“It’s not working and it just looks trashy,” Wulfekuhle said of the current set-up. “We want to try to make this fence nice and try to just do this once.”

The fence will also be “spring-loaded,” so if someone accidentally falls or is bumped into the fence, there will be some give to prevent any injury.

Aside from some apparent aesthetic issues with the current fence set-up, Wulfekuhle said it is also hindering what is likely one of the best commercial views of the Whitewater Park.

“The river is beautiful,” he said. “One thing about working down there in the past couple of weeks, I can’t get over how much the Whitewater Park gets used — I never thought there’d be that much traffic. There are a hundred people using it on a given day.”

With the improved visibility offered by the new fence, Wulfekuhle said if they ever want to host an outdoor band in the future, they will be able to pull in a flatbed trailer along the west side.

Wulfekuhle said given that the area is unique and that he already has a variance in place for the outdoor stairs, he wanted to make sure the council was on board before moving forward with the project. The council did signal unanimous support.

“It’s one more piece of the puzzle that’s just going to make it even better,” Councilmember Dean Sherman said. “It’s going to be a classy-looking fence to go along with a quality operation.”

The council also got an update from City Attorney Jim Peters on a pending lawsuit with the Delaware County Board of Supervisors concerning a $63,000 tax lien the city had placed on the site of the new jail that the Supervisors recently voted to abate.

Peters said he has already put together a draft petition for declaratory judgment laying out all the available facts that also declares that the Supervisors don’t have the authority to vacate the City’s lien.

Peters said the county attorneys have been more than happy to work with him and both parties are cooperating to move this issue toward a resolution.

By allowing the county to view, and potentially add any facts or exhibits they feel are necessary, Peters said they could potentially get an expedited hearing.

“If all the pertinent facts are in there, then there’s no need for a trial — there’s just a hearing on which way these facts are to be interpreted,” Peters said.

Peters added that as far as lawsuits go, this one has been notably amicable.

“I think it’s a pretty rational and logical way to deal with the county — this is as friendly a lawsuit as you can have,” Peters said. “We’re just telling the court ‘we don’t have an answer’ and I’m very pleased with (the county’s) response on how we’re going to work this out.”