With a record number of participants, it’s clear this year’s Hero Hustle Sprint Triathlon has developed a reputation for a safe, well-run event that draws participants from around the state of Iowa and the Midwest.

This year’s event at Schram Park drew 247 registered participants. Manchester Parks and Recreation Director Doug Foley believes that number is a reflection of the reputation the event has developed among racers.

“I think a lot of this year’s number is that word of mouth out there is that we put on a good race. We are safe, affordable and have a great set up in terms of the park location and the XL Specialized Trailers location. It’s just a really nice place in terms of the backdrop with the park. It also goes for a good cause,” Foley said.

All proceeds from the event support Delaware County police, fire and ambulance departments.

While this year’s totals are not known yet, since the first sprint triathlon in 2016, the organization has donated over $27,000 to county departments.

Foley said over 100 volunteers helped at the event. “We had city workers, members of every fire department in the county, Manchester police, Delaware County Sheriff deputies, state highway patrol, ambulance crews, city council members, school employees, XL Specialized Trailers employees, Dupaco Credit Union employees and a whole lot of citizens from Manchester and surrounding communities.”

Foley said the event would not be possible without the support from XL Specialized Trailers. “We have had a great partnership with them that has only been strengthened in the last year. The course set up absolutely would not happen if we didn’t have support from them. They have now expanded their support to financial contributions, manpower and having some of their employees on our committee. We work well together to make this event the best it can be for the community and to raise money for the people within the community who help serve everybody else.”

Foley also recognized local businesses that donated refreshments, supplies and helped at the event. He also noted a large number of spectators at this year’s triathlon. “Every good event is made better by the number of spectators out there who support the athletes and cheer them on. We had a tremendous turnout for spectators this year.”

He also thanked the triathlon committee adding, “Without their time and effort, we couldn’t pull this off. Our committee works really hard all year.”

Next year’s Hero Hustle Sprint Triathlon is scheduled for Sunday, Aug. 28.