The Delaware County Sheriff’s Office reported:

  • Justin Matthew Lincoln, 34, Manchester, arrested for child endangerment and domestic abuse assault, Aug. 31.
  • Malachi Carlos Montes, 26, Manchester, arrested for violation of a no-contact order, Sept. 2.
  • Justin James Krapfl, 19, Earlville, arrested for OWI first offense, Sept. 8.

The Manchester P.D. reported:

  • Jared Joseph McGrath, 41, Manchester, arrested for public intoxication, Sept. 1.
  • Javus Gerald Bonmon, 52, Manchester, arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a controlled substance, providing false identification information and interference with official acts, Aug. 30.
  • Brandon Samuel Proctor, 38, Aurora, arrested for possession of a controlled substance second offense and simulated public intoxication first offense, Sept. 3.
  • Guilbert Terrell Brutley, 39, Manchester, arrested for controlled substance violation, Sept. 6.