Bob Philipp

In his work as a realtor, Bob Philipp has put families in homes and on farms. Now it’s time for Philipp to spend a bit more time in his home and on his farm.

Philipp recently announced his retirement as a real estate broker effective New Year’s Eve. His company, Philipp Realty, also ceased operations on that date.

Philipp earned his real estate license in 1977. He and his wife, Marian, moved to Edgewood in 1985 and opened Philipp Realty.

“When we decided to sell the farm and go into realty full time, I told Marian I wanted to come to Edgewood,” he explained. “We did a lot of business in Edgewood. I’ve never regretted that and it’s been wonderful to be here.”

In a career spanning over 40 years, Philipp said he’s seen many changes in the real estate industry. He cited an increase of regulations and paperwork, along with continuing education requirements for realtors.

“When I first got into real estate, you could list a farm on half a page. Now it’s at least a dozen pages. The continuing education keeps realtors up to date on what’s happening and that’s good.”

Philipp said the idea of a starter home for buyers purchasing their first home has also changed. “Those starter homes used to run between $25,000-30,000. Today, rarely is there anything under $75,000.”

Philipp believes a good realtor should not only help buyers and sellers navigate regulations and paperwork, but also should pair buyers with properties they can afford. He added that satisfied customers should also be the focus of a good realtor. “You have to have common sense and deal with people so that when you are finished with the transaction, they are happy enough to tell other people about you.”

Philipp began a trend that is now standard practice in the area when it comes to showing properties.

“Every seller was notified at least a day, if not two or three days, prior to a showing. It used to be someone could walk in anytime. I never believed in that. I know what it’s like with a family. Maybe one morning there wasn’t time to get the breakfast dishes done. That morning while you are gone someone walks through your house. It doesn’t look good for the seller and it doesn’t look good for the realtor.”

Philipp especially enjoys putting young couples in homes or on farms, saying, “That makes my day when that happens.”

Philipp will continue property appraisals for another six months. It will let him ease into retirement, while still giving him the opportunity to visit with people. “One of the things I’ve really enjoyed about this business is all the nice people I’ve had a chance to meet that I wouldn’t have met otherwise.”

He said that’s one of the things he’ll miss the most, adding, “My customers I think are the best anybody could have had. I enjoyed working with every one of them.”

Philipp and Marian may take some time to travel, but plan on finding him on his farm occasionally, working on his antique tractors. And when you see him on a tractor, you can be sure it will be orange.

“Allis-Chalmers to be sure. No doubt about it,” he said.