A portion of the work being done on the Highway 13 project has been deemed non-compliant, resulting in funds being withheld from the contractor and the possibility that some of the work will need to be redone, according to the project’s engineering firm.

According to a letter submitted by Fehr Graham to the Manchester City Council, there is currently a change order for a decrease of $24,685.91 (54.7%) due to the noncompliant PCC work completed in Stage 3 along the south side of West Main Street.

In addition, 50% of the payment has been withheld for PCC placement at Seeley Street and the curb and gutter in Stage 6, as well as 10% of the total sidewalk payments as all contractor submittings, have not been provided.

Some of the curbing on Seeley street was “slip-formed,” which did not produce a quality product, Fehr Graham’s Ryan Wicks told the council.

Wicks added that they will make the contractor re-do any portion of the project that they don’t feel has been completed to standards or satisfaction.

“There’s just a number of issues there, that’s why they’re going to be cutting a number of spots out and grinding in a number of other spots,” Wicks said.

According to the letter, Fehr Graham held a meeting with contractor Pirc-Tobin, and their subcontractor, Midwest Concrete, two weeks ago to discuss “continued poor work and the need for better planning and compliance from Midwest moving forward.”

“Items of concerns in the current phase include poor planning and placement process, non-compliant slump test, placement of reinforcement and workmanship,” the letter states. “There are a number of locations in Stage 6 which the curb slopes incorrectly (out toward the roadway) instead of back to the gutter line. To address, these spots have been marked for Midwest to complete spot removal and replace and some grinding to correct. A performance bond has been requested for the intersection of Seeley Street due to the installation methods, slump noncompliance and the amount of time pavement sat exposed prior to finishing. Moving forward Midwest will install a form line along all pavement crown when paving intersections also.”