Madison Nurre displays some of the dresses that are ready for the swap.

Madison Nurre is looking forward to prom. The Edgewood-Colesburg senior plans to attend the school’s prom Saturday, April 24.

Like most students in Iowa, Nurre didn’t get to attend her prom last year because of COVID-19. Her new dress remained in the closet unworn. Now a year later, Nurre has outgrown the dress. Instead of letting it hang in the closet, Nurre put together a prom dress swap at Woods Edge Golf Course, March 27, for girls that might need a dress yet for prom season.

While she admits the dress swap was put together rather quickly, she was pleased to have a selection of over 40 dresses for potential buyers to choose from.

Nurre said between her older sister and herself, the closets at their home held six prom dresses.

“My mom (Lisa) always had problems with what to do with all those prom dresses. What’s a better way to move those dresses than this?” Nurre asked. “We figure there are other moms and other girls with used prom dresses in their closets too.”

No fee was charged to display the dresses. The event acted as a dress clearinghouse in a sense, with each person bringing in dresses and naming the price they want for the dress. Dresses ranged from those that have never been worn to some worn once or twice. Some dresses were a few years old and perhaps not the latest style.

“Girls that still need to find that perfect dress could come in and look. Dresses aren’t that expensive and I think there are some nice choices,” Nurre said.

Nurre also served as a dress negotiator. Many people who brought dresses to the swap meet gave her permission to agree to a final price with the buyer.

“There was some room to move on some of the dresses,” she said. “We looked at things like whether the dress had been worn at all or how old it was.” While the highest price for a dress at the swap meet was $400, others ranged from $50 to free for the taking.

Nurre knows this year’s swap meet came at a time when many girls have already purchased their dresses. “I’m hoping we can do this again next year and do it earlier.”

But even at that, Nurre is proof one doesn’t need to purchase a dress months in advance.

“I just got my dress for prom last week,” she admitted.