Ron Weaver, left, accepts the Nice Neighbor award from Manchester Mayor Milt Kramer May 28.

When we think of neighbors, that designation usually pertains to someone who shares a lot-line. But for one Manchester woman who is recovering from an injury, she has been left feeling lucky that Ron Weaver doesn’t think that way.

Mayor Milt Kramer recently presented Weaver with the Nice Neighbor award after he was nominated by Jo Schreck. Kramer explained that even though the two aren’t neighbors in a strictly geographical sense, Weaver still possessed the spirit of camaraderie that helps hold communities together.

Jo Schreck, a self-described dog lover, said she can’t remember exactly when she met Weaver, but she guesses it was probably while she was out walking her four-legged friends.

But soon after the two met, Weaver told Schreck if she ever needed help caring for her dogs, he would be willing to lend a hand.

While it may have seemed like some kind words from one acquaintance to another, Schreck would soon find that Weaver is a man who means what he says.

“Unfortunately, I did have a time when I needed help,” Schreck wrote in her nomination letter. “I have injured my left foot and have been on crutches for an extended period of time. I called Ron. He was not only willing to (walk my dogs), he would do it twice a day.”

Now entering her third week of limited mobility, Weaver is still assisting Schreck, but Weaver’s kindness has extended past the original offer of getting the dogs some fresh air.

“He even walks to Pronto and gets my paper,” she said. “I have needed some groceries, stamps and letters mailed — the list goes on. He has been kind enough to help me with all of it.”

The fact that Weaver is not in her direct vicinity also hasn’t been lost on Schreck.

“He lives on Sherman and I live on Williams, so we really aren’t that close as far as being neighbors,” she said. “But he is the best example of anyone I have ever experienced at being neighborly.”

But, Ron Weaver is not alone in lending Schreck a hand. His wife, Donna, has also been more than willing to help with Schreck’s errands.

After all of the help she’s received from her cross-town friends, Schreck said she’s been left feeling thankful to a couple who doesn’t mind generously giving their free time to assist someone who needs it.

“Ron and Donna aren’t just nice neighbors, they are outstanding,” Schreck said.

After Weaver accepted his award, he told the council there are examples of nice people almost everywhere you look in the Manchester community.

“Everyone in Manchester that I’ve met has been a good neighbor,” Weaver said.