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Schools have their health precautions in place and students are officially back in classrooms. The Maquoketa Valley Community School District’s school board opened the floor for any final questions regarding its Return to Learn plan at its Aug. 17 meeting.

One question that was brought up by director Mike Feldmann was involving bus drivers. At the driver’s meeting he attended, he said a driver asked what they were supposed to do if a student takes their mask off on the bus.

“I do not want to leave a kid without the parents knowing,” Dave Hoeger, Maquoketa Valley’s superintendent, said. “We will bring them to school and contact the principal and parents.”

The district plans to deal with situations like these as they pop up throughout the year.

“It is like wearing protective equipment during a sport,” director Donna Kunde said.

An updated number was also provided as to how many students, 18, will be taking part in virtual learning district-wide. This number has dropped by more than 10 over the last couple of weeks.

Head Start started Aug. 24 as well. This year, they are limited to 10 kids to ensure that all centers will be practicing social distancing. They will be open Monday through Thursday, and a new lease agreement was approved at the meeting.

This school year will see a slight rise in the cost of lunches. Due to the state minimum being raised.

Staff will have to learn on the fly this year as so much will change as time goes on.

“I think we will have more questions next month,” director Mike Feldmann said.