Lucas Pederson displays some of his books, including his latest, “Skin Factory.”

A soul trapped in a netherworld factory discovers a plot involving building human bodies for dark beings who are using them to infiltrate our world. He must escape the factory to save his mother and sister.

That’s the synopsis of Manchester author Lucas Pederson’s new book, “Skin Factory,” from Lycan Valley Publications.

The Young Adult (YA) novel is Pederson’s 12th book. He describes it as YA horror/urban fantasy. Pederson said “Skin Factory” is the first in a series.

A 2001 graduate of West Delaware, Pederson said initially his writing came from his artwork.

“I began in my emerging teen years,” he explained. “I drew before I wrote. I would write little stories to go with my drawings. I continued writing stories until I was 18 or 19, then joined an online critique group. That’s when I got serious about writing, mainly horror stories.”

Pederson said he’s a fan of authors Stephen King, Paul Tremblay and Josh Malerman.

“When I write, it’s all about the story for me,” he said. “I know a book is done when there’s no more story to tell.”

He said his writing style is simplistic. “I don’t go into purple prose too much. I do have some poetic stuff in there, but other than that it’s pretty simple and straightforward.”

He spends evenings writing, often beginning later at night and writing throughout the night. For him, the hardest part of writing is coming up with a title.

“I can’t get started on the book until I have a title. I’ll have an idea and what the ending will probably be like. Once I get the title, I can go from there.”

He said there is a freedom that he enjoys about the writing process. “I can express my story and maybe a bit of my viewpoints here and there. I can also explore a certain character or a certain concept I may have in my head”

For those not familiar with Pederson’s books, they may be ordered on or from Lycan Valley Publications at He encourages readers to give his books a try.

“They may have a few creepy moments, but basically they are just fun.”