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Kim Goranson, second from left, received the United States Post Office Hero Award Jan. 10. With Goranson, from left are Sam Reed, Acting District Manager Hawkeye District, Stacey Haight, Edgewood Postmaster and Randy Carrothers, Acting Manager Post Office Operations Hawkeye District Area.

Quick action by an Edgewood post office worker last August has resulted in her receiving the Hero Award from the United States Post Office.

Kim Goranson admits she was at the right place at the right time last August when she stopped to help St. Louis, Mo., resident Gina Miller, who had been bitten by a dog while on her morning run.

Miller and her family were visiting her parents outside Edgewood, Labor Day weekend when Miller decided to begin her three-mile run from her parent’s house.

“I normally drive into town to run, but that morning I decided to start at the house,” she explained.

Miller ran past a farmhouse when two dogs began barking at her and running up to the road. She said that she ran on the opposite side of the road and the dogs left her alone.

On her return back to her parents’ home, the dogs became more aggressive.

“They saw me coming and started to come after me. One of them bit me on my lower leg. I started screaming for help because the dogs were still barking and acting angry.”

Goranson was traveling to Colesburg when she saw Miller standing on the road. “I saw this lady in the middle of the highway with two dogs. At first, I thought they were her dogs,” she said. “But then I saw the panic on her face.”

Goranson placed her vehicle between Miller and the dogs. “I was blowing my horn. Those dogs never backed down. They were still in an aggressive stance on the road.”

Goranson took Miller back to her parents’ home. Soon, Miller and her husband were off to the emergency room for treatment of the dog bite.

Goranson received her Hero Award, Jan. 10, when USPS officials made a surprise visit to the Edgewood Post Office. Edgewood Postmaster Stacey Haight nominated Goranson for the award.

“My staff is awesome. They go above and beyond. When they do stuff like that, they deserve to be recognized,” Haight explained.

“I was overwhelmed at receiving the award,” Goranson said. “I’m just glad I was there. She didn’t have anywhere else she could have gone to get away from the dogs.”

Miller said she was pleased to hear of Goranson’s award, adding, “Kim was a real angel that day. She was the answer to a quick prayer, that’s for sure.”