DNA evidence leads to arrest in 2011 sex assault

The Delaware County Sheriff’s Office arrested a Davenport man after his profile matched DNA collected from a sexual assault kit administered in 2011, court documents state.

Zachary Wayne Broders, 33, was arrested on a warrant March 9 for sexual abuse third degree.

According to arrest records, the victim reported that she was sexually assaulted by a male subject named “Zac” on a gravel road near Ryan in July 2011. The victim reported that Zac held her against the hood of a vehicle during the assault.

The Manchester Press does not identify victims of alleged sexual assault.

“A sexual assault kit was completed at the time of the incident and in February of 2020 a known CODIS DNA result came back matching the defendant,” court documents state.

Broders was released on a cash bond March 11 and is schedule to have a preliminary hearing March 20.

Joseph Moothart, senior judge of the First Judicial District of Iowa, has also issued a no-contact order between the two parties.