A local manufacturer scored a long-term development deal Monday night that will aid in the business’ new expansion venture.

Bull Moose Heavy Haul, Inc., will receive annually appropriated tax increment payments that are not to exceed $575,000. The agreement provides for a 10-year, 80% tax rebate.

The proposed expansion project includes a 55,000-square-foot addition to the existing building at 1086 South 3rd Street and is expected to add around 65 jobs.

The council also approved the third and final reading of an ordinance that will increase utility and garbage rates across the board.

The new rate structure includes raising the water base rate to $6.16 (currently $6.04), water per-1,000-gallon rate to $3.27 ($3.15), sewer base rate $11.30 ($11.19), sewer per-1,000-gallon rate $6.25 ($6.19) and solid waste collection rate $12.25 ($11.60).

According to the documentation provided by the city, for an individual that uses 3,000 gallons of water per month, their bill would increase by $1.42. For a family that averages 6,000 gallons of water per month, their bill would increase by $2.02.

The Manchester Fire Department will also be replacing its breathing air compressor after the council signed off on a request submitted by Fire Chief Mike Ryan.

The lowest quote for the compressor came from MES at $40,639, which included an additional fill line and the Manchester Fire Department was awarded an AFG grant that will cover 95% of the cost.

The council additionally received a quote from Allied Systems, Inc. for the proposed Tanglewood Lift Station Project with a price tag of $40,145 for the required specialized equipment.

The lift station, built in the late 1970s, is due for an overhaul as city workers have been reporting issues with the pump and the possibility of severe failure of the steel well itself.

The new proposed well and lift station will be made from precast concrete and built in a similar fashion as other Manchester infrastructure, helping to standardize equipment and procedures.

The project was awarded to Top Grade Excavating, Inc., in the amount of $195,135.

In other news, the council:

• Approved pay estimate #9 in the amount of $24,788.38 to Pirc Tobin Construction for the Highway 13 Improvement Project.

• Approved change order #6 for the Highway 13 project that will increase the total construction cost by $5,310.69 to $3,731,863.66. The change order is for additional mobilization, crack routing and sealing, and traffic control. This work was done to seal the reflective cracking that appeared this fall in the project area.