A group of workers from Collins Aerospace in Manchester took time from their usual jobs to help with clean up following a storm that caused damage in Manchester and Delaware County on Aug. 24.

According to Collins Aerospace Manufacturing Manager Scott Arthur, it was easy to see there was a need to help with clean up on his drive to work the next morning.

“Just seeing trees down and leaves all over, I could see how some of our neighbors were impacted by the storm,” he explained.

After reaching out to Delaware County Economic Development Executive Director Donna Boss and Manchester City Administrator Tim Vick, Arthur reached out to Collins Aerospace workers about helping to clean up at Tirrell Park and Schram Park.

“City workers had the major stuff under control. Where they needed help was with a lot of smaller stuff, limbs blown all over. Schram Park became a priority because the Hero Hustle was scheduled there the next weekend.”

Besides helping at the parks, Arthur said workers went to coworkers’ homes impacted by the storm. “We did open up the opportunity to go and support coworkers. We had several workers who had to take care of damage at their own properties.”

Arthur said the clean-up efforts align with the company’s goal of community involvement.

“In the past, Collins Aerospace has done a really good job of community support. One thing we have focused on this year is showing support for our communities and for our people, letting them know that we will definitely stand behind them. It’s something we have done a great job of in the past and that we want to continue.

“We had a positive response from our employees. It was nice we could provide some relief. It might have been minimal, but we just wanted to come out and help,” Arthur added.