An event at the Manchester Public Library (MPL) that will begin with a winter run/walk and end with some warm cocoa hopes to show participants how to enjoy winter.

Bookin’ It is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. Thursday, Jan 23 and is part of the monthly adult activities offered by the MPL.

Participants will begin at the library, then head down to the river walk, taking the path along the Maquoketa River back to the gazebo, before heading back to the library on Franklin Steet. The route is approximately a mile.

Amanda McGreal, assistant library director, said any adult may participate, regardless of fitness level. “It’s not really competitive and people shouldn’t be deterred if they are not runners. It’s just a way for people to get together.”

According to McGreal, the event follows the Scandinavian idea of Hygge.

“Hygge is a concept about what coziness and togetherness are and how to enjoy winter. A big part of it is getting into the outdoors and then coming back inside and gathering together. We’re having this program along those lines. After the walk/run, we will all meet back at the library for a cocoa bar.”

McGreal said it’s a fun way to get through an Iowa winter. “Midwesterners love to complain about the winter weather, but an activity like this shows that even if it’s cold and dark, people can still find ways to get outside and make it fun. That’s what we’re trying to do.”

As part of that fun, glow sticks will be provided for participants to wear along the route.

The event is free, but McGreal asks that anyone participating call the library at (563) 927-3719 or by going to the Facebook page at