The West Delaware School Board was presented with a new safety feature for their buses at its monthly meeting, Jan.13. Nick Gibbs, with U.S. Cellular, gave the presentation about some of the new features that will be available to the students, parents and drivers.

“This is an added safety feature that works through U.S. Cellular,” Dr. Kristen Rickey, West Delaware superintendent said. “It will be able to help bus drivers and parents.”

Drivers will soon have an iPad on their bus that will alert them of several things, such as who is supposed to be on the bus that day and if everyone is on the bus. Students will swipe a card when they get on and off the bus.

“This program will alert the driver if someone is not on the bus,” Rickey said.

An app will be available for parents to follow along. Other features are available, such as the ability to track the bus route and speed. The board signed the contract during the meeting.

Tim Felderman, West Delaware High School principal, and Scott Litterer, instructional coach, made an additional presentation, focusing on Learner-Centered Instruction, which is being used in the high school.

The presenters said that Learner-Centered Instruction is where students are directly involved and invested in the discovery of their knowledge.

“We are putting an emphasis on the students,” Felderman said. “The teachers structure the class still, but the students are filling in the gaps.”

He believes that the board has had a favorable response to this teaching technique, and Rickey reinforced that feeling.

“The board is very supportive and this is part of the vision of our school,” she said. “It allows the students to take control and is different from the old way of schooling.”

In other business:

• The board approved the modified supplemental amount for Dropout Prevention Programs.

• The board approved early graduation requests.