Authorities: deputy hurt when man flees

Authorities said a Delaware County Sheriff’s Department deputy was dragged “for a short distance” and injured when a man fled a traffic stop in his vehicle May 12.

The man was arrested after a “brief” high-speed chase, according to the department.

Michael R. Teel, 36, of Cedar Rapids, is charged in Iowa District Court of Delaware County with felony assault on persons in certain occupations, as well as eluding-25 mph or more over speed limit and violation of a no-contact order.

Court documents state that Deputy Keith Rowley responded to Dollar General in Earlville on May 12 when Ashleigh R. Trunkhill, of Cedar Rapids, reported that Teel was texting her from the parking lot despite there being a no-contact order in place. Rowley asked Teel to exit his vehicle, but Teel started his truck and “attempted to leave the parking lot after being told to stop, dragging (Rowley) for a short distance,” documents state. Rowley’s left arm was injured.

Teel then fled the scene, with Rowley giving chase in his squad vehicle, documents state. Little information was provided in court documents about the chase, but based on citations issued, Teel twice passed vehicles in an unsafe manner and ran a yield sign. The sheriff’s department characterized it as a “brief chase” before Teel was arrested.

Teel also was cited with reckless driving, careless driving, driving with a suspended license and failure to obey a yield sign, as well as two counts each of unsafe passing and speeding-at least 21 mph over when the speed limit is less than 55.