A Manchester man who was identified by multiple people throughout the course of an investigation into a large-scale vandalism case has been arrested.

Malachi Carlos Montes, 26, made an appearance in court Aug. 26 for the charge of criminal mischief first degree, in relation to damage done to nearly 30 gravestones at a Manchester cemetery.

According to court documents, authorities received a report of vandalism at Oakland Cemetery Aug. 16 and found 25 headstones moved or tipped over, and four that were broken.

Authorities say Montes was observed leaving a residence in the area in which the vandalism took place in the early hours of Aug. 16.

When interviewed by investigators, Montes confessed that he pushed over a rock in the cemetery which was a specific headstone in the vandalism, documents state. Montes stated that he was extremely intoxicated and under the influence of prescription medications at the time of the incident.

An estimate from Manchester Monument Works places the cost for repairing and replacing the damaged headstones at $23,800.

The Court has appointed Montes a public defender and bail has been set as a $15,000 cash appearance bond. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Sept. 3 at 9:30 a.m.

Montes is also facing several other charges stemming from earlier incidents, documents state.

On Aug. 9, authorities say Montes called a woman and asked for a ride to his residence. The woman said Montes was intoxicated and argumentative, so she refused to give him a ride. Court documents state that Montes was charged with criminal mischief 4th degree after he ripped the windshield wiper lever off the steering wheel, exited the vehicle, pulled a wiper blade up, causing it to slap the windshield hard enough to cause spider cracking.

On Aug. 16, Montes went to the home of the woman who refused to give him a ride, where he kicked in the woman’s door and entered the residence on the 700 block of East Butler Street. Montes left the property with an Xbox, a puppy and other property, documents state. Montes was charged with burglary third degree and criminal mischief fourth degree following the incident.

Montes was also charged with criminal mischief second degree after he allegedly damaged a Manchester woman’s residence, burglarizing her house and harassed her. Court documents state on Aug. 21, Montes admitted to authorities that he squirted a substance on the victim’s car, which the victim was unable to remove.