Judy McMahon knows who she is supporting in the Iowa caucuses. The Manchester resident is supporting former Vice President Joe Biden.

“I’m for Joe all the way,” she said after attending Biden’s campaign stop at the Delaware County Fairgrounds, Jan. 2. “We need him to help get our country back.”

McMahon got Biden’s attention with a comment during his visit. She suggested to Biden that anyone wanting to run for office should live for two years on $300 a week. “That way they would have more compassion for people and they might find out what’s going on in America,” she said.

Edgewood resident Art Johnson attended Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren’s appearance at West Delaware High School Jan. 4. Johnson said he’s concerned about a divided America.

“We can’t exist as a country if we remain so divided. And we are divided on some things that just don’t make any sense. Some of those things we could come to an agreement on, but we just don’t want to talk with each other.”

Johnson said he’s still undecided about who he will support in the upcoming caucuses. “I was very impressed with Senator Warren. She is really passionate about things and has some really good ideas. Some I disagree with but overall, she had some very good ideas about structural change. I’m still undecided, but I came to a whole lot closer to making a decision today.”

Manchester resident Bill Lester is also undecided. He was in the audience for both Biden and Warren.

“Some of Vice President Biden’s statements on foreign policy rang true,” Lester said. “Right now, I think our foreign policy is non-existent. I think the President is flying by the seat of his pants.”

Not everything Biden said impressed Lester. “To me, when he was asked questions, he kind of went off on a tangent and didn’t always stick to the question that was raised. But he’s got a lot of experience. He knows how to get things done in Washington and he’s got that going for him.”

Lester said Warren raised good points during her visit, but he questioned if she would be successful implementing some of her policies.

“She talked about how corporations like big ag and big pharma are really tearing at the fabric of the middle class. The big thing is how will she pay for everything she wants to do and how will she get the votes in Congress that she will need?”

Lester has seen several candidates in the area and said he’s getting closer to making a decision. “I’ve seen four candidates. Being involved in the process is exciting for me. I’ve got three or four I’m thinking about right now.”