With a 3-16 record and a sixth-place finish in the WaMaC East, it would be easy to label the West Delaware girls basketball season as one to forget. Yet those who take a closer look at the season will see one that showed growth and improvement on a team with only one senior.

For Coach Rod Conrad, that growth began with team chemistry. “Each and every one of the girls seemed to encourage each other. That is high on the list of becoming a good team and being a good teammate,” he said. “They kept their heads up when things weren’t always in their favor. I’m proud of them.”

The Hawks averaged 31.6 point per game. Freshman Ella Koloc led the team in scoring, averaging 5.8. Next came Macey Kleitsch (5.6) and Allison Collier (5.1).

Collier controlled the glass for the Hawks, snagging 99 rebounds for an average of 5.2. Kleitsch averaged 4.7 and Koloc 3.1.

Kleitsch led the team with 32 assists and was followed by Koloc (14) and Sydney Morris (13).

Conrad said he saw his team improve during the season. “We had better communication throughout the season, but it must establish consistent communication. With only one senior (Georgie Hilby), we played a lot of young girls. I was pleased the way they came to practice wanting to get better.”

Conrad said he appreciated what Hilby did to help her younger teammates. “Georgie has been so much fun to coach the past four years. She would always try to help the underclassmen. That’s part of being a good teammate. She will do great things in the future.”

Conrad is excited about what’s ahead for the program. “The future looks really bright. We need to continuously work on our skill sets in the off-season and keep learning new things. That should help us boost our confidence. We have excellent youth coaches trying to help our program. I can’t thank them enough.”

Conrad believes the off-season work by his team will be important. “We need to have our best off-season this year. Hopefully the girls are wanting to come in and get better.”