Dayne Bergan (120) works hard to earn first place at the Tri-Rivers Conference Tournament.

With a state qualifier, most any wrestling team can feel good about its season. That includes the Edgewood-Colesburg Vikings, who watched as senior Spencer Amling competed in Des Moines.

According to coach Alex Hanna, “Our dual record of 14-14 is pretty good, considering 3-5 open weights each meet. I will say that our kids improved this season and some accomplished their goals, others didn’t but the process of trying to achieve them made them better.

“Our seniors will be tough to replace next year. Dayne (Bergan), Kal (Hoeger), Spencer, Frank (Elijah Elliot), Andrew (Hoeger-Pint) and Jayden (Bakey) all made contributions to our success. While not all of them may have amazing records or achievements this year, being there as good teammates, filling weights in our lineup and helping the younger guys get better is a part of why we have a strong team.

“As the season went on, we improved and got healthier, and by the end of the year our 10-11 man lineup was pretty competitive. The weather caused some issues towards the end of the year, but that you cannot control and the guys handled that in stride.

“We started out really slowly and had to work a little bit harder to get into the flow of the season. The football season had a lot to do with that as over half of our guys weren’t there for the first week and a half. We had a few really tough losses early in the year that I think we would have won had we wrestled them later in the season.

“As far as next year goes, we will need our sophomores and freshmen to really step up and improve during the off-season. There are a lot of weights to fill next year and we have some solid eighth graders coming up as well, so the goal for next year has to be improving our younger guys so they can fill out the line-up and keep success going at Ed-Co.”

Individual records include: Bergan 27-7, Hoeger 29-11, Bakey 10-11, Amling 14-8, Hoeger-Pint 5-14, Elliot 3-8; juniors Alex Jones 25-9 and Max Bahls 28-12; sophomores Elijah Keck 7-11, Cameron Kirby 22-14, Bo Struble 14-13 and Wyatt Rowcliffe 4-12; and freshmen Lucas Rezende 1-14, Aaron Kloser 5-8, Nathaniel Gaul 5-14 and Billy Elias 6-3.