West Delaware Senior Alex Schnieders put together games of 234 and 277 for a lifetime best 511 at Lightning Lanes, Dec. 7, to lead West Delaware (2-0) to a 3,245 team win against Independence (2,857, 1-1).

Fellow senior leader Ian Tibbott bowled games of 224 and 266 for a promising 490, Grant Schmidt put up 252 and 171 for 424, Brandon Larsen added 242, 161 for 403, and Eli Heims capped off the scoring with 158, 239 for a 397. Cole Turnis (327) also competed for the Hawks.

“Grant Schmidt threw a 252 after averaging 107 as a freshman. These kids just keep working at it and I tell the guys, anytime you can get 400 or higher it’s going to be great for the team. We just keep striving for that goal,” WD head coach Bob Morris said of the performance.

The Hawks went on to hit Baker scores of 223, 178, 171, 234 and 214, respectively. Independence rolled 191, 197, 191, 212 and 202 on the other side, with Alex Sturbaum leading the individual scoring with a 425 combined mark.

The Hawks competed in the Cedar Rapids Prairie Baker Tournament, Dec. 8, where they averaged about 1,000 per round in an 18-team pool.

“I can’t say enough good things about that tournament, because it really helps you learn your team and where you’re at at that moment. It’s where you see who can handle a little adversity when the shot’s just not there. It’s kind of my job to adjust as we go from lane to lane,” Morris said.

“In bowling, you don’t always get the results you deserve. You might throw a bad shot, get a strike or you might throw everything as perfectly as you can get it and have it not pay off,” Morris said, adding that the defending Class 1A champion Hawks will continue to sharpen their skills from week to week while working towards another extended postseason push.