Abby Finkenauer is not a democrat. She is a socialist. Finkenauer was a former top aide to Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign in Iowa. Sanders has proudly said he is not a democrat but rather a democratic-socialist.

It doesn’t matter socialist or democratic-socialist, Finkenauer and Sanders believe in socialism, and the socialist system has never worked. And it will never work because it is an immoral social, economic and political system. Socialists, like Finkenauer and Sanders, believe the government has the right to steal your hard-earned money through incredibly high taxes and costly regulations, then redistribute your stolen wages to those the government believes deserve your financial contribution. Finkenauer and Sanders mean to turn this country fundamentally away from the country our founding fathers created; a country of God given rights, responsibilities and freedoms.

While Finkenaur believes in socialism she doesn’t believe in the sanctity of human life. She is fine with the killing of unborn children even into the ninth month of pregnancy. Finkenaur even voted for the idea of selling body parts of murdered babies. She hides this inhumane killing of unborn babies as a women’s health issue. It’s not a women’s health issue. It’s a human rights issue. It’s the right of a baby to have a life. More than 95 percent of unborn babies killed in the womb are done because the mother just doesn’t want the baby. Abby is okay with this immoral convenience.

It is a fact, the Finkenauer campaign is out-raising Rod Blum’s. Does this mean more Iowans like her ideas, maybe not. If you would ask Rod Blum which cities are his top three fundraising communities he would tell you, Waterloo, Cedar Rapids and Dubuque. And Finkenauer’s top three fundraising cities? The answer is Boston, New York City, and Los Angeles. Who do you think will have Abby’s ear if she is elected to congress?

Please vote for an Iowan who believes in this country, believes in the sanctity of precious human life, and believes in doing what is right for Iowa. Please vote for Rod Blum — a defender of life, a defender of freedom, and a defender for Iowans.