The recent letter concerning Abby Finkenauer is so riddled with inaccuracies it does not merit a rebuttal, but completely false statements should not be left unchallenged. I would be more apt to give some attention to the letter if the writer told us more about Rep. Rod Blum and his stand on issues than to merely regurgitate outlandish claims from his most recent attack ad. It’s disappointing that Blum’s supporters can’t let him run on the merits of his own record and must, instead, resort to fabricating lies about his opponent. From making up roles in presidential campaigns that Ms. Finkenauer never held, to demonizing any politician who supports access to inclusive women’s health care, the writer tells us a lot more about his supporters’ comfort with false and dangerous propaganda than he tells us about Abby Finkenauer as a congressional representative. One final thought — the writer wonders who will have Finekauer’s “ear” if she is elected to Congress. I think the more pressing question is who has Blum’s ear now. Blum seems much more comfortable locking his office door when constituents arrive than he does having an open-to-the-public meeting with his constituents. Where has he been for the last 500-plus days?

I support Abby Finkenauer because she will support legislation that will:

• Encourage investment in our deteriorating and underfunded infrastructure in Eastern Iowa to support entrepreneurs and create jobs.

• Guarantee equal pay, the unions that support our families, and a fair, living wage for every hard-working American.

• Ensure that a woman’s health remains between herself, her doctor, and her family. She will support continued access to health care through providers like Planned Parenthood.

• Increase access to health care services and economic opportunities for veterans and support funding for the GI Bill.

Abby Finkenauer deserves our vote because she supports policies that work for all Iowans.