As an old Navy Veteran, I believe Democrats will continue to support and fund social programs that have benefited citizens for many years. I spent two years off the coast of Vietnam on two different ships. As a result, I qualified for the G.I. Bill, a social program that entitled me to go to college and become a teacher. Public school teachers are paid by tax payers money, another social program. Now I am collecting Social Security and I have Medicare coverage, both social programs which I paid into over those working years. After retirement, I worked at the Delaware County Food Bank where I realized the need for S.N.A.P. and other social programs.

Because of the Trump Tax Cuts, I will be paying approximately $400 less in taxes in 2018 than I did in 2017, (not $2,000, mentioned by the writer of a previous letter to the editor as to what the average family would receive). So when we vote this November, we need to remember that some of this tax money pays for social programs that support many state and federal employees salaries, and give assistance to people and projects in need of help. I believe social programs need to continue and to be strengthened.