A few weeks ago, I saw a TV advertisement for Rod Blum, where the purpose of the spokeswoman was to scare the voters of first Iowa Congressional District. By making congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and Abby Finkenauer people to fear because they may want Medicare for all, which according to the spokeswomen would put private insurance companies out of business, fiction.

Fact — on July 30, 1965, Democratic president Johnson signed a law which created Medicare. On Dec. 8, 2003, Republican president George W. Bush signed the Medicare modernization act which created Medicare part D, lawyers and lobbyists got the insurance companies what they wanted, approval and recognition of Medicare advantage plans which private insurance companies created and designed to sell to the public so 52 years after its beginning there are 58.5 million people with Medicare. So, Rod Blum, instead of trying to scare first district voters into voting for you and not Abby Finkenauer by connecting Abby to Nancy Pelosi, you should be on behalf of the seniors in the first district, and there are a lot of us, be thanking Nancy Pelosi and Tom Daschle for Medicare part D.

Fact — 28.1 million people in the U.S.A. are without health insurance. Medicare for all, Medicare advantage for all will create a minimum of 28 million new customers making sure the insurance companies are in business for a long time.

So, if putting insurance companies out of business is fiction, what is the real reason you do not want all people to have health insurance?

I ask all voters in the first district, please do yourself a favor, vote for Abby Nov. 6.