I feel the need to address the city council article on the new city shop. Let me tell you, as long as I’m a resident here, all that will be is talk. This city doesn’t need a new shop. They need to pack Tim Vick up and show him the door. This gentleman, and I use that word loosely, is the biggest spender I’ve ever seen.

A city the size of Manchester needs a city manager like a good case of the hemorrhoids. Who gave this city council an open-ended checkbook? I think anything over $50,000 needs to be put on a referendum. My case in point, the restrooms and showers being constructed at the waterpark. What in the heck are they trying to prove with that building?

The city has way too many employees and way too much equipment — the sewer video truck for instance and all those pickups. My God at seven in the morning it’s like a parade of city vehicles on Main Street. Can’t these guys ride together? And they are all pretty new I might add.

You take that money we are wasting paying Mr. Vick (who if he’s making more than $10 an hour is making too much) and distribute it among the working city crew, you would get more bang for your buck. I’m pretty sure we can remodel or rehab the present shop for a heck of a lot less than the $3.2 million projected to build new.

Get some new businesses in this town to get the tax base propped up. Then, maybe I will go along with a new shop, until then no way Jose.