Political attack ads have reached a disgusting level of partisan rhetoric lately, and it’s because the creators think we’re stupid. Recently I overheard an ad attacking Abby Finkenauer, using language designed to scare and “trigger” voters. Language like “illegal immigrant” (vs. undocumented), the laughably false claim that she wants to “sell baby parts,” and use of the word “Liberal” like it’s a dangerous thing.

On the other hand, the ads I’ve seen from Finkenauer’s camp tout her working-class background and focus on middle-class Iowans. The harshest attack she’s launched at Rod Blum focused on the very real House Ethics Investigation into the Congressman’s failure to disclose important financial information and involvement in the Tin Moon company. Never did the ad veer into scare-tactic territory or try to paint Blum’s background as “Conservative” as a bad thing by itself.

Apparently appeal to emotion is enough for most voters, because it’s easy and requires no critical thought. That’s a sad place to be, and I encourage all Iowa voters to rise above partisan mudslinging and look at the facts. I hope Iowans prove themselves smarter than the political ads think we are.

There is one candidate for Congress who sticks to facts and issues and wants what is best for Iowans. The other knows he’s losing so resorts to scare tactics. I’m voting for Abby not because an ad made Rod Blum look scary, but because his policies are scary, and his ideals not good for me and the people I care about.