Eastern Iowa is served by a committed and highly qualified judicial system. All of its judges are highly qualified persons of integrity who are supported by Eastern Iowa attorneys.

A disgruntled former employee of the Dubuque County Courthouse has recently sent letters and embarked on a campaign to undermine public support of the judiciary and in particular the judge who was his former supervisor.

We support the retention of all of the Northeast Iowa judges in the upcoming election. We reject and disavow the campaign of former Dubuque County judicial branch employee Clay Gavin.

Further, Clay Gavin knows that judges are ethically prohibited from defending themselves in judicial retention elections.

The personal vendetta of a disgruntled former employee should be given no credibility in deciding the retention of the committed and highly qualified judges of the 1st Judicial District. We know, support, and highly recommend the retention of all 1st Judicial District judges in the Nov. 6 election.