I am retracting a portion of an opinion piece that I wrote in the Manchester Press last week. I started my piece by stating that Abby Finkenauer was not a democrat but a socialist by connecting her to Democrat-Socialist Bernie Sanders. My text read “Abby Finkenauer is not a Democrat. She is a socialist. Finkenauer was a former top aide to Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign in Iowa. Sanders has proudly said he is not a Democrat but rather a democratic-socialist.”

What I wrote about Ms. Finkenauer being a Sanders’ campaign aide was incorrect. I had mistakenly looked at a link below an article and saw Ms. Finkenaur’s name... and former aide for Bernie Sanders Iowa campaign in 2016. After reviewing my source after my opinion had been published I became aware I had misread the message in the link and there was a gentleman’s name was written before the words former Iowa campaign aide for Bernie Sanders. I had been very careless in my reading.

Ms. Finkenauer is a Democrat. Abby Finkenauer has never been a campaign aide for Bernie Sanders. I apologize to Ms. Finkenauer, her supporters, those who read my opinion, and to the Manchester Press.

I sincerely regret my mistake and will exercise extreme care in the future to avoid finding myself in the same position.