To the man who wrote the Letter to the Editor printed in the October 3, 2018 edition of the Manchester Press — Your letter is an insult to the intelligence of Manchester Press readers. Your letter is deceptive and inaccurate.

You falsely accused Abby Finkenauer of being “fine with the killing of unborn children even into the ninth month of pregnancy”. This is an outright lie.

You can ask any OB-GYN and they will tell you, “There is no such thing as a ninth-month abortion.”

There are late-term abortions, but these are rare and occur before the 24th week of pregnancy; almost always a much-wanted pregnancy that has gone horribly wrong and the fetus is not going to live, has already perished, or the mother’s life is at risk. These are heartbreaking decisions made between a patient and her physician; decisions government has no right to make. A random man who is not an OB-GYN certainly has no right to make these decisions and no right to judge.

Abby Finkenauer believes a woman’s health is a private concern between herself, her doctor, and her family. Abby Finkenauer has fought back against bills that target women’s health and defund organizations that offer cancer screenings, preventive care, and other essential health services.

Abby Finkenauer will always support women to make their own healthcare decisions. Abby Finkenauer will stand up and fight for continuing to fund access to health care through providers like Planned Parenthood.