Congressman Rod Blum has saved 1st District taxpayers on average over $2,000 per family each year starting with their 2018 taxes. He was instrumental in getting Cedar Rapids their federal funding for flood walls. He has defended the “unborn” consistently with their “right to life”. Our veterans have had their benefits defended by his support. Rod has worked tirelessly to help provide a climate conducive to boosting our economy and producing jobs for one of the best eras of productivity in the history of northeast Iowa. From humble beginnings in a boyhood home with dirt floors to establishing his successful business, Rod Blum has used his creative business skill to serve our district.

Contrast that with Abby Finkenauer, who missed over 75 votes and many committee meetings in the state legislature. This inexperienced young person wants us to have the right to take the life of unborn babies through the ninth month. She proposes to provide free health care and education leaving us with the tab with higher taxes. Socialism failed in the Soviet Union before they collapsed. Where will that leave us?

Please come to your senses and vote for Congressman Rod Blum. When I write my congressman in the future, I don’t want to have to begin it “Dear Abby”.