As the 2018-19 school year comes to a close, the doors of summer open for the West Delaware school district. The Board met June 10 and discussed its student attendance percentage, as well as improving communication through media.

According to Robin Mebus, director of school improvement, the state average of students in attendance per year is 95.2%, while West Delaware schools are at 94.8% of students in attendance per year. Although, 17.5% of students in West Delaware schools are said to have “chronic absenteeism” which is something that the board is still working to improve. This being said, all of these percentages are generally categorized based on certain types of criteria in the school board’s data systems.

According to Mebus, her vision for the school and the students is for them to gain 21st century skills to help make them better workers in the future. She also talked about concurrent courses that are available to students in which they can receive college credits before ever being admitted to a college. What Mebus talked about related greatly to the success of students in the West Delaware schools, making sure that every student is given an equal and positive opportunity to help further their future.

The Board also discussed ways to improve communication to the public. Their biggest discussion topic on this matter was finding the best possible ways to make use of all available media platforms to help the public be able to interact with them. Social media and printed press were the unanimous ideas discussed.