Work continues on a new parking lot at Edgewood-Colesburg High School. The parking lot will be located where the old baseball field stood.

The Edgewood-Colesburg School Board held a special meeting June 3 to discuss a number of projects being completed in the district.

Board members approved a bid for the new parking lot at the high school, which will be located at the old baseball field. The lot is currently being filled with dirt that Superintendent Rob Busch said was a “win for the county and a win for the school district.”

The dirt is coming from a highway project in Littleport. Dirt is being removed from the banks of the road and from the ditches. “We had an option to get free dirt,” said Busch. “The county isn’t having to pay to have it hauled off either.”

In addition to the parking lot project, the district is also busy making improvements to the Edgewood gym and HVAC controls in the district.

“Right now we are trying to dodge dump trucks, electricians and sanders,” said Busch.

In other news:

• The school board approved an elementary teacher contract for Adrianna Huff, who will be teaching first grade.

• The district is looking to receive more bids for security improvements before making a decision.

• The district is waiting to receive an estimate for new surfacing for the playground.