A coordinated response by Exide Technologies workers is being credited with saving the life of an Exide employee who collapsed with a heart event Feb. 28.

The victim, who was not identified due to confidentiality, is now home recovering. But when he collapsed following his morning break, he was at the right place at exactly the right time.

Ed Tibbott, who began chest compressions on the victim, is a 31-year veteran of the Manchester Fire Department and is trained as a first responder.

Robert Delahunt, who called 911 immediately, has received CPR training from Exide Technologies nurse, Brenda Saunders.

Evan Intlekofer, who grabbed a portable AED device located less than 20 feet from where the victim collapsed, served as a combat medic in the Army and has served as an EMT for 16 years.

Delahunt said he and Intlekofer got to the victim about the same time. “I checked for a pulse,” he explained. “I couldn’t find one. As soon as I got up to call 911, Ed slipped in there and started chest compressions.”

The trio estimated an ambulance arrived in less than 10 minutes. Before that, two Manchester Police officers arrived to assist.

Before being transported to the hospital, the victim regained consciousness. “He didn’t know what happened to him or why he was on the floor,” Intlekofer said.

Intlekofer said the outcome could have been much worse had the victim been home. “Part of it was timing. Getting the compressions started right away, getting on the phone and having the AED. We had three guys working together that looked like we had practiced this a hundred times.”

While the AED unit didn’t need to be activated, Intlekofer said having the device on hand was important. “With that, there is no second guessing. It tells you exactly what do to.”

Plant Manager Bill Delaney credited the teamwork used by everyone involved. “I was amazed at the response, not only from our guys, but then the city came in and they were able to get this gentleman and take it from there. It was a smooth transition.”

Delaney continued, “The professionalism amazed me. Watching Ed taking his hand, asking him to squeeze it, Robert on the phone and Evan with the AED, these guys were a team.”

The emergency also left an impression on Delaney. “After seeing what these gentlemen did, I’m getting the training for myself.”

Tibbott credited the Manchester Fire Department, the city and its citizens. “They support the fire department that gets that training for me. If I wouldn’t have had that training, I wouldn’t have been able to help. When it comes to your community, support your fire department, your EMTs and your first responders.”