The Manchester P.D. reported:

  • Gilbert Terrell Brutley, 39, Manchester, arrested for assault causing bodily injury, July 24.
  • Tiffany Ann Jerome, 32, Manchester, arrested for burglary second degree and domestic abuse assault, July 26.
  • Kaila Nycole Goings, 20, Manchester, arrested for disorderly conduct and harassment third degree, July 28.

The Delaware County Sheriff’s Office reported:

  • Sarah Ann Lange, 53, Dyersville, arrested for domestic abuse assault, July 21.
  • Kurt Lee Lange, 46, Epworth, arrested for domestic abuse assault and criminal mischief fourth degree, July 21.
  • Cindy Rose Smith, 32, Guttenberg, arrested for child endangerment and interference with official acts, July 22.
  • Kurt Joseph Rolfes, 23, Earlville, arrested for harassment third degree and reckless driving, July 23.
  • John David Rolfes, 34, Greeley, arrested for harassment third degree, July 24.