A public parking lot in Manchester will be closed for two months as city officials resurface it, creating more parking spaces and making the lot environmentally friendly.

Work began this week on the lot north of the current Community Savings Bank location and east of the post office. Work is expected to last until mid-September.

The work will include excavation and grading, installation of sub-drains, paving, sidewalks and parking lot and street lights. When completed, the lot will have 46 parking spots.

Manchester City Manager, Tim Vick said the renovation answers a need for public parking.

“We are expanding the lot so we have more public parking. In addition, we are putting in permeable pavers. We are having the storm water slope to those and soak into the ground before it gets into our storm sewers to minimize the water run-off from that lot.”

Vick said the permeable pavers is something the city encourages in new developments. “We talk to business owners about parking lots and storm water run-off. We try to have them minimize what they have run off their lots. We thought with this project we should lead by example.”

Vick said there are alternative parking options until the lot is reopened. “There are parking stalls around the fire station, down by the new city park and near St. Mary’s between Hardee’s and Reetz Chiropractic Clinic. People may have to walk a bit farther, but the positive is it’s still summer and we shouldn’t encounter a lot of rainy days or cold weather.”

Vick said that condition of the parking lot left city officials few options other than to do the work at this time. “We were partnering with Community Savings Bank and their development, since they will be redoing their parking lot. We hoped to tie things together at the same time, but the parking lot is disintegrating. It made more sense for us to do it at this time than to wait until next year when all the other construction in Manchester is going on.”

Vick asks that questions about the project be directed to City Hall. “In addition, we will have announcements on KMCH radio and in the Manchester Press,” he added. “It will be an inconvenience for a while, but we are hoping to keep it to less than two months.”

While South Madison Street and East Delaware Street will remain open during construction, Vick asks residents to use caution. “Be mindful of the construction zone. There will be extra traffic and heavy equipment. We ask people to minimize their route through that area as much as they can. We want to keep everyone safe.”