The now-vacant land near the southwest corner of West Marion Street and South 9th Street is about to get a major facelift.

The West Brook Multi-family Development will be breaking ground as soon as this week, according to developer Wes Schulte.

Schulte described the 16-unit building as being more condo-style, with the approximately 925-square-foot, two-bedroom-two-bathroom living quarters each having its own private balcony or patio, open-concept living room and available garage stalls.

“They’re just good quality units,” he said. “It’s just market-rate housing, it’s not section 8 or any subsidized-type housing.”

The new complex’s target market is working professionals from the educational, healthcare, technology, ag and manufacturing sectors, documents state, and they believe the ground-level units could also easily accommodate seniors and retirees.

Schulte said he was drawn to the property due to its proximity to the Hwy 13/US 20 interchange and the walkable distance to the Manchester Industrial Park.

“I’m excited about it — I think it will be a good fit for the community,” he said. “I think the need (for housing) is there —I wouldn’t be making the investment if I didn’t believe that it was. There are people that are commuting from outside of the community that need an option to live locally and settle in further.”

Schulte said construction will be kicking off toward the end of May with the hopes of being completed toward the beginning of November, should the weather stay favorable.

“We’re excited to get it rolling,” Schulte said.

The roughly 16-acre plot of land was farmland and will allow developers to add additional buildings in the future if all goes well.

The project will increase the annual real estate taxes generated by the property by an estimated $25,600, documents state, while also increasing Manchester’s market value by over $1 million.

Developers intend to use local suppliers and contractors throughout the construction process.

Recently, the Manchester City Council approved a $50,000 loan at 1% interest to Schulte, and they are also poised to offer a 10-year tax abatement deal for the project in the near future.

Schulte said to check out the project on Facebook, at or by calling 927-9004. He said they are already starting a waiting list to fill the new units.